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Correspondent Banking

Correspondent Banking

Terms of correspondent banking

The Bank offers the following terms of correspondent banking:

  • opening and management of correspondent accounts in the Russian rubles and foreign currency free of charge;

  • crediting funds as of the value date;

  • providing account statements by 11:00 am (Moscow time) free of charge;

  • providing credit notes online free of charge;

  • processing of urgent bank orders issued by respondent banks;

  • competitive rates for transaction settlements on the correspondent account;

  • advisory support on the procedure for issue of payment documents regarding the requirements of the currency legislation of the Russian Federation and the International Settlement Requirements;

  • accrual of interest for the monthly average account balance;

  •  crediting of the temporary disposable monetary funds to the correspondent account (withdrawal limit);

  • trade finance transactions services: letter of credit and guarantee transactions;

  • opportunity to use any convenient telecommunication system (S.W.I.F.T., TELEX, “Bank-Client”);

  • maximum transparency, prompt provision of information on the current financial situation of the Bank;

  • personal approach and high-quality service.